Our goal is to provide quality veterinary care at an affordable price. Our clinics are conveniently identified by street location in the City of Chicago. If you know our name, you know our location.

Our flagship clinic, Clark-N-Oak Animal Health Center was established in June of 2007.   Later came Clark-N-Delaware Cat Clinic which is located just two block south of the Clark and Oak location.

Clark-N-Oak Animal Health Center and Clark-N-Delaware Cat Clinic provide all routine care along with digital radiology, dental procedures, overnight hospitalization, surgery, and ultrasound (abdominal) for cats and dogs.

Our phone and fax numbers are common to both locations:

Phone: (312) 951-8000
Fax: (312) 376-4024

When you call, the receptionist at any either location can answer questions, make appointments, or perform other administrative tasks for both facilities. With the technology available, it’s an exciting time to best serve our clients. Our Pet Portal system known as E-Pet Health will help to manage your pet’s health care.  Emails are generated and appointment reminders sent to best manage your pets health information. If you don’t have an email we can set it up us a common email to the clinic that reminds us to contact you.  We have an online Pet Store MyVetStoreOnline.com available to purchase veterinary medications for home delivery. This provides a quick way to buy products for your pet.  We’ve added a second store to provide a more complete product line to complete both are very affordable and guaranteed by the manufacturers of our products.