Our Main Store

Welcome to our Preferred Online Store providing a convenient way to order Royal Canin and Purina prescription and veterinary exclusive pet foods and treats, supplements, medications including flea, tick and heartworm preventatives from our distributors which provide a satisfaction guarantee to out clients.


Dr Andres has reviewed each product to provide a complete line of products with proven performance for treating your pets. Purchase $38.00 and receive free shipping.  Food prices include shipping, but purchase with any other product and the food price will be included in the total purchase to meet the $38/free shipping.

You will need to register your pet and once registered then shop online. The store was designed to be affordable and provide manufacturer guarantees. For this reason we charge a $15.00 fee if you choose to go outside our stores. This applies only to products available on our stores. If we don’t provide it, but recommend a product we don’t charge this fee. Call the clinic to get clarity on this policy


Secondary Store


Welcome to our other store, setup to provide an extended number of products to complete our ability to become the 1-Stop-Shop to our clients.  This store will provide all Hill’s Prescription Diets and Hill’s Veterinary Exclusive Diets, Proin (PPA Phenylpropanolamine) incontinence medication, Phenobarbital, Tramadol, other seizure medications  and a other shampoos, grooming supplies and products not provided on the other store. Both stores require you register your pet to shop in their store.